Autographed limited edition EIGHTY+SEVEN=SIX BY John Winright
This is the original St cut Litho by English painter Douglas printed in By Graves of Pall Mall London England. You can still see the impressions of the st just in from the edges of the print. It was brought over to America at the turn of the century and hung in the star hotel the Homestead near my home. It was well protected there from sun light and other things that effect prints. It is perfec...
This is a poster created by Norman Hall for Winchester. He did sevearal some similar to this but this is of the rarest. They were printed on cheap paper as they were meant to be posted in windows where the sun would fade them out. The act of taking them down destroyed them. This was never posted and I found it in a stack of lithographs. The upper right corner has some paper detereation but is o...
Yes bottles with seals intact distilled in the s and turned into the Virginia Wildlife series with artists animals and birds on the front.I have kept it stored with my paintings which I keep dark to prevent fading so they are as they were the day they were filled. With seals from Virginia still on them still evaprated a little but am told this is normal. Very few can offer you a drink of yr. ol...
Huge lot of Retired Discontinued Noritake B China Buena Vista Pattern for sale. Researched and priced this at I am asking (for local buyers or those who are making arrangements to come and pick up the China). I may consider other Serious offers. . This pattern was produced from to in Japan. . It is elegant b china sheer ivory blue and gray flowers with platinum trim. . It is in used but good co...
This is one of the old iron cast grape presses that people used to make wine, juice and jelly. My parents used it when I was a kid to make wine and grape jelly. I looked online and this type of press is sold for $150.00 to $600.00. I am selling it for $100.00.
Excellent Condition. Worth more on line.
Excellent Condition
This is the model crank ph in very nice condition. It came out of a star hotel nearby and has a number stamped in the oak. It works but have disconnected wires from generator as they produce a shock. These are very heavy and will rquire about dollars shipping here east coast. See my other ads yr.old case whiskey WWI signed document yr.old golf ltho. also my book auctions Amazon . download Photo...
This is the rarest of all the Winchester poster made in the thirties. It is printed on thin paper as they were meant to be thrown away. They would fade out of color if they were exposed to sun and taking them down was a tearing up process. This was never hung and I bought it years ago with a stack of other rare prints. Normanl Hall was the creater and his name is printed bottom right corner. To...
Pure Gold Nugget mined in Arizona. High Quality nice shine. My back guarentee Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
I have a variety of new items. I have jewelry for both men and women. I have knives coins Gold Nuggets Silver Bars tools Rubies all new with a my back guarantee. I have a few pictures here. Please go to ebay usr samaashley and look around. You do not need an eBay account or PayPal. Pick your item email or me. I will send complete details and pictures on the items along with pictures price and s...
This is an old steel tavern tray inches across . It is covered in cloth and a full painting of a bald eagle on front . Condition is very good with just wear on high spots . I also have of the old glass quart mugs these are heavy thick glass .I came out of Charlottesville where my wife is from. e-mail Pat Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
This is a gallon container whith incused markings New York Central and Pa. Railroad. It is heavily patineded and over all in very good shape. I also have a limited number of spoons marked NTC form the dining car. They are lg.soup spoons. . I have more items in storage but no more NYC pieces. Please email me Pat Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Over the years the extreme has become almost pass while at the same time realizing that the real challenges lie with our everyday lives.. The key now is to find that perfect balance between sophistication and durability. With these key factors in mind the Depote watch collection preserves the integrity of both contemporary style and technology. Depote symbolizes the determined individual watche...
Email me and I will send pictures prices and check availibility. Shipping Available. My Back Guarentee Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
This is a approx. by inch Picture Shillotte on rag paper. This was the method of producing paper untill the s. If you do not see the different colored threads on of the it is a fake. I picked this up in the s in Harrisburg Pa. Even then they were getting hard to find. It has had some frame tighing over the years and a glass installed . Yes they are rare now. See my other ads collectables yr.old...
bottles with seals intact form a s distilation by Jim Beam. The state of Virginia hired an artist to create the art work. You could not buy as a set bottle came out each month. Rare to be full and rare to have complete set. Who does not want to crack open a yr.old bottle for friends. I have thought about it. Checked at local ABC store and yr.old bottle sets you back . See my other rare items co...
Of the Winchester Ad posters from the s few survive today . They were printed on the cheapest paper and faded in a few months or fell apart. they were meant to be thrown away and . percent were. This was not and was put into a stack of lithos that protected its color images. Flaydermens Quide lists and shows similar at to dollars depending on conditon. This has some deteriation in top right cor...
This is an ink bottle holder sold as a momento of the Grand Prix Race. You had to be there to get . Dubt is a famous French glass maker and this piece shows it. The printing is covered by another thin layer of glass. Tres bien mon amie. It is just a little over inches high and a little wider at the base. Iy has no chips or cracks. Few would have made it to the U.S see my other ads in collectabl...
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